Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe Biden

So, for the political junkies among us (few and far between in these parts), and also, more importantly, for the non-political-junkies who otherwise probably wouldn't read this stuff, I offer up a short post about Obama's new running mate, Joe Biden. I, for one, am pretty happy with him, and have become only moreso the more I read and see.

Biden's not perfect, but I think he was a good choice given the specifics of what's been going on in the race. He's a scrappy, Catholic, down-to-earth old white guy, and those are all good things (electorally speaking). More importantly, he has 35 years in the Senate (first elected at age 29!), and is currently chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, giving him an unarguable claim to experience and expertise in world affairs.

AND he's not afraid to get down and dirty. That last part is key, since down-and-dirty is not one of Obama's many strengths. Biden's ability to really rip into his opponents, and do it in a way that somehow comes off as sympathetic and sincere, is his greatest strength. Say what you will about the man, but he tells it like it is. And isn't afraid to say mean things in the process. In short, he excels at kicking ass and taking names:

Plus, he can be charming and fun. Really helps release the tension:

But my favorite clip of him, short and sweet, is this instant smackdown of Rudy Giuiliani. Ouch:

So yeah, he's kind of a badass. But that's not to say he lacks a sensitive side. This interview from earlier in the campaign sheds some light:

And this video kinda speaks for itself:

So anyway. Yeah. I'll take Biden, warts and all. I actually find him pretty refreshing. So I'm just doing my bit to spread the love.

Hope that was fun.



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