Friday, August 31, 2007

essential YouTube

Here are three clips I've found recently, on other blogs, through friends, etc. There's no through-line except that they're all really funny.

The first is a long but eventually HILARIOUS debate between Barack Obama and Alan Keyes from the 2004 Illinois Senate race. One thing that surprised me here is that the moderator actually gets tough with Obama about his ambivalent and illogical opposition to gay marriage, even pegging civil unions as "separate but equal." But that's not the real point here. The real value of this clip is just in the fact that Alan Keyes is BATSHIT CRAZY and just totally off the wall ALL the time. His inane rantings of jibberish, justapoxed with Obama's "whoa-I'm-embarrassed-for-you" reaction shots and blunt counterarguments, are priceless.

The second is a short-and-sweet clip of a totally dumb beauty pageant contestant trying to answer a difficult (and frankly inappropriate) question. When I saw this posted on two radically different blogs I read, I knew I had to post it myself. It's just horrendously funny in a disturbing kind of way. If you didn't laugh, you'd cry. Poor Miss South Carolina. No one should have to have said this on national television. How embarrassing. In her defense, she misunderstood and was overwhelmed and isn't really as dumb as she seemed right then... but still, yikes.

The last is an extremely random and ridiculous video called "Shoes" that seems pretty popular with my friends. I was just introduced to it, but apparently it's been around for a while (sorry if it's old news). There's not much to say about it, really. Just watch and laugh. And appreciate that this time, someone's being intentionally funny... instead of just being dumb.


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