Saturday, February 23, 2008

Final Oscar predictions

PICTURE: No Country for Old Men (alt. Juno)
RIGHT! Duh. But can I just say that I loved when Scott Rudin thanked his partner and called him "honey." That was totally cute.

DIRECTOR: The Coen Bros (alt. Paul Thomas Anderson)
RIGHT! Double duh.

LEAD ACTOR: Daniel Day-Lewis (alt. Johnny Depp)
RIGHT! Triple duh.

LEAD ACTRESS: Julie Christie (alt. Marion Cotillard)
WRONG! It was Cotillard after all. Oh well. Color me stupid. Looks like deglam and biopics still carry the day. If you've got both, you're unbeatable.

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Javier Bardem (alt. Hal Holbrook)
RIGHT! He's such a sexy, sexy man.

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Tilda Swinton (alt. Ruby Dee)
RIGHT! And oh how sweet it feels. Can I just say that I was predicting her even before the BAFTA win? I knew they'd look to her as a token win for Clayton. But whatever man, she still won.

ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Juno (alt. Ratatouille)
RIGHT! Easy. Though I do actually feel that Ratatouille may have been in second place, what with Tilda providing the token win for Clayton.

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: No Country for Old Men (alt. There Will Be Blood)
RIGHT! Making my "big 8" stat 7/8, as usual. Anyway, this was a good script. Good for them.

ANIMATED FEATURE: Ratatouille (alt. Persepolis)
RIGHT! Well deserved. Not much else to say.

ANIMATED SHORT: Peter and the Wolf (alt. I Met the Walrus)
RIGHT! I must confess, I just copied this one from Kris Tapley... and I should've copied his documentary feaure prediction, too, cause it was right.

LIVE ACTION SHORT: The Tonto Woman (alt. At Night)
Ummm... I honestly don't remember what won this one, so I don't know if I was right. I think I missed it, though.

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: No End in Sight (alt. Sicko)
WRONG! And my alternate was wrong, too. Taxi to the Dark Side just sounded like too random a title for a winning film... and No End in Sight had a lot of buzz... but oh well.

DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Freeheld (alt. Salim Baba)
RIGHT! I think I also copied this one from Kris Tapley.

FOREIGN FILM: The Counterfeiters (alt. 12)
RIGHT! Just went with the consensus here.

EDITING: The Bourne Ultimatum (alt. No Country for Old Men)
RIGHT! The one Bourne win I actually saw coming. I knew they'd feel awkward giving an oscar to Roderick Jaynes.

ART DIRECTION: There Will Be Blood (alt. Atonement)
WRONG! Sweeney Todd takes it. I totally didn't see that coming. But good for it, I guess.

COSTUME DESIGN: Elizabeth: The Golden Age (alt. Atonement)
RIGHT! This one I did see coming. Marie Antoinette's win last year proved that non-acclaimed films can win here if they've got pretty period clothes on their side (bonus points for dressing queens). I mean, I loved, Marie, but you know... most didn't. And also, boy were those Elizabeth costumes intense. Yikes.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: There Will Be Blood (alt. No Country for Old Men)
RIGHT! The Deakins split gives it to Elswit. Go me.

ORIGINAL SCORE: Atonement (alt. Ratatouille)
RIGHT! Atonement's token win comes here, just as I thought.

ORIGINAL SONG: Once (alt. August Rush)
RIGHT! YEEEEEESSSSSS. I love this song very very much.

SOUND MIXING: Transformers (alt. No Country for Old Men)
WRONG! Kevin whatshisname goes emptyhanded for a 21st time. Ouch.

SOUND EDITING: Transformers (alt. No Country for Old Men)
WRONG! So it's Bourne, not the robots, that sweeps the board in the techs. I guess that's good, since it got better reviews (I didn't see either).

VISUAL EFFECTS: Transformers (alt. Pirates: At World's End)
WRONG! How very random for Golden Compass to triumph here over Transformers. Did ANYONE see this coming? But I guess it's good that films with good effects can win here despite critical and commercial indifference. The F/X people did great work, even if the film around them didn't hold together.

MAKEUP: La Vie En Rose (alt. Pirates: At World's End)
RIGHT! Nice to see people realizing that Cotillard didn't do it all herself.

My #1 dream: Swinton takes the stage.

My #1 nightmare: Once loses best song.




Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

See, I don't think voters will make Transformers one of the few films in history to have three or more nominations and win every one of them. And going by the likes of Letters from Iwo Jima winning last year, I predicted There Will be Blood to take the sound editing category. Random, but why not?

Also, I ended up going to Amy Ryan at the last minute. She totally fits into the pattern that category has of rewarding women who go on to have quiet film careers (seriously, check it out) and it doesn't matter that nobody saw your film or that it didn't get across the board support. Plus, she's American. Of course, any of the other four could win...

7:12 AM  

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