Thursday, November 27, 2008

WHEN CRAZY DREAMS STRIKE: Shirtless Hugh Jackman takes me 200 feet in the air!

I'm reviving this long-abandoned series (a former favorite of mine) because the dream I just woke up from demands it.

I don't remember much from it, though I know it was one of those epic dreams that I've already mostly forgotten (a broad sketch still remains in my head, though the details are gone). The one thing I still remember (how could I not!?) is the part where Hugh Jackman, all shirtless and glistening, somehow takes me up this giant ladder/flagpole/tall thing, all slow and romantic-like, out in the moonlight of the night. Don't laugh, it made sense in context (somehow). Just envy me and me active dream sex life. Cause in the dream, all bathed in moonlight, he kinda looked like THIS:
(except with shorter hair)

I totally remember even feeling vertigo (the happy woozy romantic kind) at the top, looking down and realizing Hugh was the only thing between me and a 200-ft (for argument's sake) fall to my death.

It was totally like something out of Superman, one of those things Superman would do to Lois Lane as a sweepingly romantic gesture to give her the ride of her life. Just... mmmmmmm. Now, I realize Hugh is more of a Wolverine than a Superman. But maybe that's where my subconscious got the superhero imagery from? I dunno. I guess the sweeping romance of Australia (which I saw last night) was stirred into the pot, too.

The rest of the dream somehow involved watching Hugh perform in a play, in a big open stadium-type theater (the same place where the 200-ft lift was). I was way up watching him from above (in the stands, I guess?) and he was below on the stage. I think I was sitting next to the director, who was telling him during the intermission that everything was great, but that he should switch it up a bit and be really energetic in the second act, and Hugh was like "alright, great!". I guess it was a rehearsal? And actually, maybe I was in the play? But I swear I was up top looking down. Weird.

I also remember bits of the dream where it was totally different and I was with a classmate agreeing to be in yet another film scene (that part was taken directly from life, where I've been doing a lot of that lately), and we were scheduling rehearsals. But those parts were boring. It was all about the Hugh. I think we were getting married or something in the dream, too, cause I remember being REALLY happy. I guess my subconscious decided to chuck Debora-Lee Furness' ass to the curb. Fine with me.

Anyway. I thought this would entertain you all. It was certainly fun for me. Shame that this can never fully replicate the euphoria of the experience. It was a really amazing dream.



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