Saturday, September 08, 2007

The List

This post is an announcement of an upcoming blog project: The List.

Every time I see one of the films on The List of 200 Films I Have to See Before I Graduate, I'm gonna do a little post about the film and my reactions to it. Eventually, there should be 200 posts. They'll include basic information like characters and plot points (so I can refer to them later before the test) along with some subjective opinion and qualitative analysis.

This is mainly a project for me, a way for me to record lots of info and refer to it later, but you're all welcome to read and enjoy the posts, too. If you have strong feelings about a particular film, or anything you'd like to say, please do so in the comments of each post.

My first screening for The List is on monday; I'll have a post up shortly thereafter. Enjoy!



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