Sunday, October 14, 2007

State of the races

Here are the vote totals so far:

Clive Owen is three ahead of Tony Leung (5-2).

Ditto James Marsden over Ryan Reynolds (6-3).

Jamie Bell is somehow edging Monty Clift (7-6).

Since Colin changed his vote, Paul Rudd and Anderson Cooper are now TIED (4-4). Anderson was trailing the whole time until recently... looks like I'll be deciding this one...

In another close race, Eric Bana is juuust ahead of Hugh Jackman (5-4). Greg apparently voted "eenie meenie minie moe" style, and it looks like vote could be the deciding one. Hmm...

In a not so close race, Daniel Craig has left Cary Grant in the dust (6-1).

Likewise, James Dean is trouncing Matt Damon (6-0). Poor Matty. Dean will be tough for ANYONE to beat. It looks as though he's in this thing for the long haul.

And finally, in another 3-vote spread, Colin Farrell's got the drop on Aaron Eckhart (5-2).

The polls are still open, btw. I've decided to just leave them open until round one is entirely done. You're free to change your votes. But please don't do so recklessly. I don't want things to get crazy.

Oh also... please do still vote even in races that look finished (i.e. Damon vs Dean). Because I may decide to base the round three pairings on the vote spreads; the highest-spread guy facing the lowest-spread, etc. (whoa, I just wrote about guys facing each other while "spread"... nice). But anyway, please vote regardless of the vote spread, cause the final totals matter.


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