Saturday, July 05, 2008

time for a change

Alright. So I really haven't been doing much film commentary here lately. And I'd like to get back into that. So hopefully you'll see more of that soon... at least during the summer months, before I start having to work on my thesis, lots of classes, TAing, etc.

And since it seems to actually be causing more confusion and headache than it's worth, I'm gonna phase out of this "non-grade" grading system I've been in. It just isn't working. It's much easier, logistically speaking, to just type a film's name with a grade next to it. What I've been doing is the same thing, but with more of a headache. And with letter grades, it's much better to be indecisive and put two grades separated by a slash. I'll be needing to do that.

I think I've made my point about not believing in grades. At least to myself. And, while the creative/productive/actor/director/whatever part of me will never believe in grades as a proper distillation of a film's worth, the critic part of me needs them in order to function. So back they are. There's a new (short) list of 2008 films on the sidebar now. The older ones will be filtered out of their current placements and into some other new area soon enough.

There will also be more Streepathon soon, I PROMISE. I refuse to quit that project. And now that I'm really into summer, it'll happen... eventually.


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