Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OK, now I've got JACKMAN on the brain...

OK, I know this is usually Glenn's thing, but tonight, I just had to chime in.

And seriously, can we just... take a minute... to savor... the Hugh:

The man has had an amazing year. One bad blockbuster sequel in which he was the highlight (X3), one pretty decent fluffy comedy in which he was delightful (Scoop), one very good genre drama in which he was excellent (Prestige), and one mega-trippy gorgeus art film in which he is PHENOMENAL (Fountain). All that, plus one animated flop, and one animated big hit. Not bad. And all his live action films did pretty well at the box office, except, ironically, for the one with his greatest performance (how typical).

Anyway, I am in love with him this year. It's really not so easy to come out with a million films in a year and actually be good in all of them and have all of them do relatively well artistically or commercially or both. Give-or-take X3's suckiness and Fountain's inability to market itself, Hugh has made nary a misstep. Really, why is the whole world not as obsessed with him as I am? This man is a grade A actor and movie star. Word.

Long live The Jackman. May he rule all, forever.

p.s. Also he appears shirtless, at least for a little bit, in ALL of his films this year. Thank heaven for small favors. Really, thank you, Hugh, love and kisses.


Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...


He pretty much appears shirtless in every single movie of his (minus the ones where he voices animated animals)

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