Monday, January 22, 2007

new movies & stuff

So I saw a bunch of movies today. First, I caught Blood Diamond at the mall (decidedly mediocre, but entertaining enough), then a second helping of Dreamgirls at the mall (it went down a little easier this time, but I still say it's the worst of the big five), and then a second helping of Happyness on a friend's pirated DVD (it's still as much of a B- as ever). So I'm all movied out.

Also, I'm very happy to be in on the news that T. R. Knight is gay. I remember thinking during the few times I've watched Grey's Anatomy that he was my favorite, and I'd developed a little bit of a crush on him. So yay! He is one of my people... and now maybe I can meet him and get with him.

I've also just been feeling a little odd lately about my life in general... you know what feeling you get occasionally when you're like, "Why do I spend so much time obsessing over stupid awards season? OMG where is my life???" Maybe it's also cause I'm just now heading into my final semester of college and am still uncertain as to what's going to happen afterward... but I just feel in a kind of haze... like I need a change.

Maybe I should buy something?



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