Monday, May 07, 2007

new "Box" widget in sidebar, and other things

Hey, all.

To whom it may concern, there is now a "Box" widget in my sidebar, where I've put up two songs (playable immediately) and one video file (available for download). One song is a cute little ditty by Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz (Cammy has no voice, but Ewan's is gorgeous), and the other is Rufus Wainwright's "Oh What A World" from his album Want One. The video is a short clip of me taking a bow after the final performance of Merchant of Venice with Alex Hellquist, the hot girl who plays my wife.

These are the prototypes/guinea pigs for my Box widget, but I'll add others in due time. Not sure what exactly I'll be using it for. Probably just random files I want to share... but perhaps in time I'll upload tracks of my own vocals if and when I record some (I sing, remember?), and/or some movies I make (yay, film school!). All in all, the Box is a pretty cool tool.

Oh, and I just went and refined and streamlined the entire screening log, now with days of the week, bullets for each film/play, and spaces between days, to allow the eye to breathe (yes, I do have a touch of the OCD).

And also, stay tuned for... wait for it...

...the RETURN of the STREEPATHON!!!

I'm about halfway through Out of Africa as I type (it's hard to get through in one sitting). I really really am gonna post something soon.

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Blogger Lorena V. (Goldfinger) said...

Hey Adam!

That Box tool is pretty cool. I'm considering on getting one myself to spice up my blog a little bit.

I'm curious to see what you think about Out of Africa. I saw it for the first time a couple of months ago and I did like it. Streep is very good and that Danish accent is awesome. Although I kind of felt asleep in the end, since it was really late at night and I was tired. I'll probably re-watch it again.

By the way, I would greatly appreciate it if you visit my blog, which is completely dedicated to film, at and leave a comment.


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