Monday, July 09, 2007

Four days left for Gael and Antonio

If you haven't voted yet, please do (the contest is here). Turns out my initial worries that Gale outsexified Antonio were for naught: Zorro is gaining on Zahara. But it's not over yet.

Also, I will probably make this some kind of tournament, but before I can do any kind of second round, I have to go through all the initial matchups I have in my head (these are NOT random, they are theme-based). And I always have these things planned out several weeks in advance. Still many more men to come. So maybe I'll make the feature more frequent to expedite things? I dunno. I have to think it out, but I've been busy. If anybody has a particular favorite hot celebrity who's not appeared yet, let me know.

And yay for all the good response to my Thelma post and the latest Streepathon entries. It's been nice to get back to some stuff with substance (not that posting pictures of hot guys isn't fun, but you know). There will be more Streepathon and Atmanathon in the near future.


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