Saturday, July 07, 2007

Random Realization of the Day:
Charles Durning played Les in Tootsie!
(and Christine Ebersole played some random woman)

So I was watching Tootsie today (again) and looking at its IMDB page. And I just realized that the actor who played Julie Nichols' father, Les, who I always thought was Brian Dennehy, is actually Charles Durning! Like, whoa! I don't know why I always assumed it was Brian Dennehy (other than that it kinda looked like him), but I always, ALWAYS did. Even though I knew Charles Durning was in Tootsie. I guess I thought he played John Van Horn or someone. Weird.

Also, this is random, but Tony winner Christine Ebersole (of Grey Gardens fame) is also in Tootsie, but only has a tiny part in the beginning (the part I usually skip). I just thought it was funny, because it's still listed on her resumé in the Grey Gardens playbill, even though she was barely in it.



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