Monday, February 25, 2008

wrap-up of various oscar things

So, overall, YAY. What a fun show. And I went to a party for once, too. I got 17 predictions correct, which is pretty much average on the online obsessive oscar nut meter, but very very good in lamens' world. My score of 17 was more than enough to win my party's oscar pool, where the next highest score was 14. Yay! I actually won a prize! A $20 gift certificate to AMC theaters. Awesome. My friends say I should gamble on the oscars for money.

Also, my #1 dream came true!!! And it was WONDERFUL. I love Tilda Swinton and that performance so much. Of course now, since they always show the one clip where her American accent is muddy and her Britishness shows, I am questioning her complete worthiness, due to accent issues. But I just tell myself Karen Crowder spent her early childhood across the pond and hasn't entirely lost the dialect and is trying to hide it. And anyway, 80% of the time, her accent's spot on.

And my #1 nightmare did not happen! Once won!!! And not only that, but the performance was fab - a sort of hush came over the party as "Falling Slowly" played, such is its power - and then Marketa first tried to say thank you and failed (which was totally cute, if frustrating) and then was allowed back onstage to give her speech later! SO incredibly cute. Has that EVER happened before? I have never seen it happen. So cute. I almost died. And her speech was so lovely. Makes me wanna be a singer/songwriter, it does.

Julie Christie's loss saddened me slightly, since I'd been defending her chances so vigorously over in Nat's comments. But I haven't even seen La Vie En Rose, so I can't comment (even though I did, repeatedly... hardy har har), and I also wasn't quite as crazy in love with Christie as some people. It just would've been cool to see her with bookend oscars 42 years apart.

So yeah, yay for Bardem (always sexy) and Day-Lewis (always endearing). Yay for Diablo Cody's dress and tattoo. Yay for Once's song win (and all the songs, really... I was one of those who thought that all the performances were good). Yay for random surprises like Golden Compass winning visual effects (I was not a fan of the film, but the effects were choice), Sweeney Todd winning art direction, Bourne Ultimatum sweeping, etc.

And most of all, yay for movies. I'd been feeling a bit lost in film school lately, and this helped me remember why I'm there. I'll figure out my niche someday... for now, at least I know I'm in the right field. Show business forever.



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