Friday, January 05, 2007

Are you KIDDING me!?

OK, so I was just looking over the BAFTA longlists in the acting categories, and I noticed something that really pissed me off.

It seems that the organization that always makes its own decisions about where to put people and almost always puts questionable candidates in lead (witness the lead placements of Cate Blanchett, Emma Thompson, Eva Green, Jodie Whitaker, Juliette Binoche, Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon) has placed ANNE HATHAWAY and JAMES McAVOY in SUPPORTING.


That is absolutely ridiculous.

And it angers me.

For an organization like BAFTA to do this, when they have always shown good sense in this regard (and even a habit of erring on the side of lead), is very disheartening. Either they don't understand what a lead is or they just don't care. I thought that if anyone would actually give McAvoy a lead nomination, it would be BAFTA. But no. And the Anne Hathaway thing is even worse, cause no one anywhere else this award season had ever once claimed she was supporting.

I don't remember whether they put Jamie Foxx in supporting 3 years ago or not. Whatever. But I just don't get it. But when they put every single questionable case in lead (including Cate Blanchett, who maybe isn't really all that questionable) and then put this year's two unquestionably lead performances in supporting, just cause they were upstaged by their co-stars... well, I just don't know what they're thinking. I really don't. But it makes me crazy.

I love James McAvoy in Last King, but if he makes the supporting actor list, I'll scream. It's just not a supporting performance. Period.


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