Monday, January 29, 2007

Real life > my blog

OK all (whoever you are), I'm just givin' the heads-up that blogging will be lighter for a while now. My last semester of school is just now kicking into high gear, and I'm gonna be pretty busy with that, my show, etc. I'll still do predictions and run-downs for the BAFTAs and of course the Oscars, and there'll be the occasional new film review. And I'll also keep the sidebar updated with new screenings and new happenings with me. But that's it. This daily stuff is just too much.

I'll also get going with the Streepathon and Altmanathon eventually; those are ongoing proects that I do definitely intend to finish. But not until after the Oscars. My personal top ten of last year, along with some form of personal awards, will also likely surface after the Oscars, once I've seen all I plan to see.

In the meantime, enjoy all these lovely Best Actress clips (below). I know I have been. I'm so proud of the academy for recognizing all five of these great performances. Who cares if it's monotonous when the right stuff is getting recognition? Not me. Yay for Penélope, Judi, Helen, Meryl and Kate. That fivesome is definitely a bright spot in this otherwise tiresome year.



Blogger Emma said...

Fair enough, totally. I rememeber completely quitting blogging when I had my exams last July. Big deals.

9:09 AM  

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