Friday, March 30, 2007

WHEN CRAZY DREAMS STRIKE:The blind are leading The Blind.

This time I dreamed that I was directing a production of The Blind at school, even though I'm already in a production of Merchant of Venice now. I had also proposed the show to the Shakespeare on the Green board, even though the show has nothing to do with Shakespeare.

In the dream, we were actually watching a movie version of The Blind in some class, because I had told the prof I was directing it. Then, in the middle of class, one of my actors (I had already cast it somehow) was bored, and took us all outside, where we ended up driving away in somebody's car against my will. He was like "let's go to this thing in the next city!" and I was like "ABSOLUTELY NOT, we are going back to class and watching this movie about The Blind, we are not skipping class!" And then he was like "fine, you goody goody," so we turned around and started going back to class. But by the time we got back, class had ended.

And then I realized that I hadn't actually officially proposed my show to the board, and had somehow auditioned and cast people for it anyway, without letting them know. Since I had forgotten to officially propose, and the deadline had since passed, I had to tell my actors we weren't really gonna do the show. Which was fine with me, cause I was realizing I didn't know anything about The Blind and had no idea how to direct it. Don't ask how I had gotten these actors. Also, one of them was my friend Michael, and he basically told me he didn't think he had time to do it anyway, so everything was alright. But we hoped we weren't gonna get kicked out the class we'd just skipped. Then we were walking down some street, and he told me that he had to pay $8 to have someone do something for him that he totally could've done himself.

In real life, my school is doing a production of The Blind right now - with which I am NOT involved - at the same time as the Shakespeare on the Green shows (including Merchant of Venice, in which I play Gratiano). I directed Michael in Proof in the fall, which I did not have to propose to anyone. The student who tried to drive us to some show in the next city was Daniel Sobol, someone from school who I've met, but don't actually know. And I think the $8 thing comes from when I saw The Namesake the other day at the mall, and lost my parking ticket, and then had to pay $8 for parking instead of $1.25.

Like, whoa.



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