Monday, May 21, 2007

And speaking of Meryl Streep...'s time for the RETURN of the STREEPATHON!!!

Really. I'm serious. It is. I've watched Out of Africa. I just have to trudge through the review. But the Streepathon is back on, with all the old trimmings, nearly a year after it was cruelly abandoned. The great one has returned.

Out of Africa is excellent, by the way. It's just been really hard to find the time to sit through it all. A sprawling epic, it runs over 2 hours and 40 minutes long. And in my "just-about-to-graduate-and-therefore-soaking-in-the-last-days-of-college" life, time is precious. As it is, it took 2 failed netflix rentals (I had the film in my hands but eventually returned it cause I couldn't find the time to watch it all) before I finally completed the mission (third time's the charm). But it was worth it. Awesome, awesome film.



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