Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Look who was just invited to join AMPAS...

The list is here, via Awards Daily (formerly Oscarwatch).

My first impressions:

the Jennifers. Hudson I understand because she just won... though I don't think her opinions about film should be taken as seriously as veteran film industry professionals. Aniston I'm more annoyed at because... why? Sure, this makes sense from a fame and TV accomplishment standpoint, but what has she done in FILM that actually merits this? Sigh.

Steve Carrell & Daniel Craig. YES. They may not be smart enough to nominate them, but do they know who the cool people are.

Eddie Murphy. This is rather overdue. He does make his share of Norbits, but he's been a huge figure in the industry for some time now. Glad he's finally a member of the club.

Christopher Plummer. WHAT!? This is only happening NOW? Jesus. See my comments above for Eddie Murphy, and multiply them by ten.

Maribel Verdu. This makes me all kinds of happy... I don't see how they could've been under any pressure to do this, but they did it anyway. Love her. Plus, it's always nice to see respect for deserving foreigners.

J.J. Abrams. I don't recall his doing much in film, but I still like this. I guess it's rather hypocritical of me to say that after I just complained about Jennifer Aniston, but there you are.

Burwell, Desplat, Navarrete & Santaolalla. Awesome. All four of their music branch invitees should really help liven up the branch. God knows it needs it. At present, it's SO obnoxious... though it has been improving of late. I'm especially happy about Burwell, who still has yet to be nominated despite an impressive body of work. And I'm rather shocked about Santaolalla only being invited this year. Didn't he already WIN deservedly in 2005? And wasn't he already oscar-worthy for Motorcycle Diaries the year prior (which did in fact win an oscar, albeit not for Gustavo)? Oy.

There are others who I'm happy about, but they were nominees this year, so it's no surprise they're being invited. Who do you think did/did not deserve it? Thoughts?



Blogger J.D. said...

Christopher Plummer isn't in AMPAS?!!? WTF?! And Verdu makes me happy too. I hate Santaolalla, so I understand why he's invited, but I still really hate him. :D

6:51 PM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Well, Plummer's in AMPAS now. But only just.

Why do you hate Santaolalla? He's a brilliant composer. It's not his fault they gave him a second oscar...

10:52 PM  
Blogger J.D. said...

He stole John William's 6th Oscar and Javier Navarette's. And by association (he scored the film, not the song) he stole "Believe" for Original Song in 2004. He single-handedly makes me disgusted at the Academy a lot. At least with Navarro he deserved it, but obviously way, way, way, WAY less as much as Lubezki.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous rural juror said...

The fact they invited both Maribel Verdu and that steamy genius Chiwetel Ejiofor makes me all kind of happy and tingly.

5:11 PM  

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