Monday, November 12, 2007

It's back!

Hello all.

So, I finally figured out how to restore my old template. It actually wasn't hard at all. There was a link somewhere called "revert to classic template." It just took a while to find. But I found it! And now I'm never "customizing" my blog again. Whenever I do, it ends up more f***ed up and genericized than customized. But I haven't ruled out starting a new blog at some point, in the new format. I can't live in the dark ages forever. And eventually, I imagine I'll be transitioning from my current "fan" type blog into more of a promotional blog (i.e. promoting me, not other established celebrities). So we'll see.

Also, since both Marsden/Fiennes and Dimitriades/Kaneshiro seem forever locked in ties, I've decided to just chuck this whole shakeup idea, and continiue Round 3 as planned. The idea was that the loser in Marsden/Fiennes would face the winner in Dimitriades/Kaneshiro, and the final winner there would go on to Round 3 (along with the winner in Marsden/Fiennes), but you guys can't seem to decide who you want to face whom, so I'm just gonna keep both Ralph and James in, with apologies to Alex and Takeshi. Let's give them a shout out for being hot and international, before we show them the door.

That is all.


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