Monday, November 19, 2007

ABSURDITY ALERT: "Famousr" doesn't register KATE WINSLET (!) or MADONNA (!!)

I have lost ALL respect... which was not much to begin with (heh).

Seriously... Kate Winslet??? HELLO!!! She starred in F***ING Titanic!!! You know, that little movie about the boat? And then later, she went on to earn 5 oscar nominations by the age of 31? Look it up, bitch.

And... Madonna????? HELLO!!! She's F***ING MADONNA. She should be famousr than Tom Cruise!

But when you type in their names and try to compare their fame levels to others, the site is all "we don't have anyone by that name in our database. Please note that our site only compares actors" etc.

I should write those "Famousr" people a letter. Gimme a break.

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