Thursday, December 18, 2008

last minute SAG prediction changes

I'm switching out Taraji P. Henson for Amy Adams, who I think will benefit from massive Doubt love among actors. I'm also seriously considering Slumdog Millionaire for best ensemble, as it just seems too big at this point to be left out, but the fact is, I don't know what I'd bump to give it a spot. I still see Button, Dark Knight and Rachel ahead of it, though I fear that Rachel would be the first to go.

I really hope it doesn't miss here, since this is the award it most deserves to be up for. But the actors have a strange way of missing truly great ensembles, even from films on their radar (Juno, Junebug, etc.). I hope that when they pop in the DVD to see Anne Hathaway do her breakthrough thing, they notice how great everyone else is, too, and how well they work together. We'll see.


Anonymous ryan said...

I feel you man.

Part of me says I'm nuts to leave out SLUMDOG but then again maybe not. I may be bias since I found it highly overrated and was blow away by RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. For the record, I see the ensemble nominees going MILK/ DOUBT/ BURN AFTER READING/ FROST NIXON / RACHEL GETTING MARRIED.

Although I could easily see DOUBT going the way of MICHAEL CLAYTON- aka scoring acting noms across the board but still missing ensemble.

Lastly, there's the real (scary) wild card: MAMMA MIA! They've gone for goofy ensembles (Birdcage, Greek Wedding) and musicals (Hairspray, Moulin Rouge) a lot in the past. The Streep factor may have canceled out the negative buzz. It’s a longshot- but it could still happen.

I just want a strong showing for MILK.

4:48 AM  
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