Thursday, December 01, 2005

Joseph Wilson was at my college tonight

I hadn't planned to attend, but I was passing by the building hosting the talk, and then I remembered that I'd heard he was gonna be here, and so I decided to go see him rather than do homework.

He's very eloquent, not to mention very funny and charming. He joked about how instead of being thought of as "the last diplomat ever to deal with Saddam Hussein before the first Gulf War", he would now be thought of as "Mr. Valerie Plame" for the rest of his life. It's probably true.

In any case, Mr. Wilson really knows his stuff and is a great speaker. I'd love it if Bush were forced to debate this guy on live television over the Iraq/16 words/Plamegate fiasco. Bush would totally be hung out to dry. And why shouldn't Bush have to debate Wilson over this? Aren't we allowed, even obligated, as citizens, to know how our president cares to defend himself when directly confronted with truth, spoken by someone with some cred? I realize he has been confronted with facts in an abstract, media-at-large kind of way, but it's different when they're being spoken to your face by one of the people you've wronged (but then, he wouldn't see Cindy Sheehan either). I just really want to see what he would actually do in that situation. He really has no defense. It would be a massacre. And it would all be well deserved.

But alas, that would never happen.

I really miss living in a sane world. I mean, I know I am not totally sane, but it'd be nice if the world as a whole picked up some of the slack. Seriously.


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