Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Squid and the Whale

I don't feel like writing anything resembling an actual review right now, but some quick thoughts:

Good movie. Nice editing. Refreshingly written and acted. But bizarrely short. It's apparently under 90 minutes long, but it felt much much longer to me. I got out of the theater tonight at 6:15 from a show beginning at 4:50, and I honestly thought my watch must be wrong, or reset for daylight savings time or something. Weird.

Also, there was some material in here regarding little kids and alcohol (and other things) that was just... well... disturbing. That's all I'll say. Bad, bad parents, the squid and whale are.

I can see Jeff Daniels getting nominated for this (but maybe he should try and go supporting?). It's quite a unique performance, and so un-Jeff Daniels. He was very good. As was everyone. This is another one with some terrific ensemble acting.

Anyway... yeah, I'm thinking B+. Again.


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