Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh, and also for the record..., I did not heave heavy objects at the TV screen. It was not in fact my screen OR my friend's screen I was watching on, but rather, a screen owned by the college I attend. Though I STILL would likely have thrown things if there'd been anything there to throw. But there wasn't. It was just me and some straight freshman boys from my dorm. Which just made it all the more awkward (although a hat tip to them: they were pretty upset, too, just cause the desrving winner clearly lost).

Anyway. I have always been one to beat up on myself when these things happen, rather than beat up on others. So the sound you hear now is me weeping quietly. Or perhaps re-enacting Carolyn Burnham's bat-shit-crazy schizoid moment from American Beauty:

"SHUTUP!" (slap!) "SHUTUP! SHUTUP! (slap!) YOU'RE WEAK, YOU BABY (slap), SHUTUP! ...Shutup...."

Tears. Tears I shed.

Ennis + Jack forever. I heart you.


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