Sunday, April 23, 2006

I am obsessed with Mary Tyler Moore.

Yes, It's true. A few weeks ago, I splurged on amazon and bought DVDs of Safe, Brokeback Mountain, Nine to Five, Moonstruck, and the second season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. A few days ago, the DVDs came. And ever since, I've been watching MTM nearly every free minute. I've even created many free minutes with which to watch it, when I should've been doing other things (for example, I have SO many lines to learn for tomorrow).

I don't know why I love it so. It's just a TV show. But I happen to believe that's it's the greatest TV comedy of all time. Or one of the greatest, anyway... when I was little, I'd always watch Nick at Nite and get totally bought up in the old comedies of the 60's and 70's... particularly the 70's shows like Taxi, Rhoda, and the best of the lot, Mary Tyler Moore (a great little analysis of the show can be read here). Then, a few years ago, I found out that the MTM show was being released on DVD, and I bought the first season. Then, the full release was stalled due to apparent lack of interest, so I thought the first season was all I'd get... eventually, I forgot about the rest of MTM and went on with my life.

But THEN, I recently saw that the second and third seasons had in fact been released on DVD, for sale on amazon, so I promptly bought season 2... and since it looks like the whole series will be available eventually, I think I'll be buying it all... you know, buying a TV show on DVD is like marrying someone... they used to only be around some of the time, and there used to be all this mystery, and you had to take what you could get, but then suddently they're around ALL the time, you can have them as much as you want, and you learn more about them than ever before (via the special features).

I really don't have the time to spend watching Mary Tyler Moore all the time, though... I need to limit my Mary time to when I'm doing something really boring, like doing laundry or cleaning my room, and I need comfy background noise. Even discarding all the legitimate responsibilites I have, there are still more pressing matters to attend to within the (decidedly low-priority) realm of obsessive viewing... like the Streepathon, for instace... that has to start VERY soon.


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Blogger Patricia said...

Ooh er. SPAM comment.

Because you really want to go to a College that advertises using SPAM. That really shows quality.

I must see 'Deerhunter'

6:57 AM  

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