Sunday, July 30, 2006

I know I'm obsessed. Sue me.

But first, watch this YouTube video that someone made for Meryl Streep in Prada. Awesome.

I want her to get a double nom and win this year. I do love her so.

Last week, I read a post on Meryl Streep's IMDB board from someone who said he'd heard from his friend who works in a hospital that Meryl had been in a car crash and had just been rushed to the emergency room. I didn't really believe this, since the whole nature of it seemed highly dubious, but for that night, I got very afraid that Meryl might actually be dying in an ER somewhere, and it made me VERY upset. It was quite surreal. Could you imagine Meryl Streep just dying all of a sudden in a freak accident? No campaigning for Prada. No gliding into the twilight of her career. No watching her last daughter leave home. No becoming a grandmother. How awful.

I'm so glad that no news has been reported on the subject, and that hence, she's alive and well. Live long and prosper, Meryl.

(and feel free to have me arrested if I ever stalk you)


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