Saturday, February 10, 2007

OMG, free books!

Don't worry, I'm not turning into OMGblog (though I do love it).

The story behind this post title is... I just went to the Becker Library at my school (the little library in the theatre building with all the plays), to look at the script and music for Rocky Horror (OMG I have to be in it), and they were totally GIVING AWAY FREE BOOKS. There was a big box of books labeled "give away," and all the books within were up for grabs. Apparently the library had extra copies of all of them, or something. Whatever, I don't care. The point is that I got FREE copies of (in ascending order of awesomeness):

4) the Ibsen play Brand (I had never heard of this, but Ibsen is great)

3) the F. L. Lucas theatre theory book Tragedy (it looks interesting)

2) the Helen Prejean memoir Dead Man Walking (the inspiration for the brilliant film)

1) the Lucille Ball biography Ball of Fire: The Tumultuous Life and Comic Art of Lucille Ball (Lucille Ball fascinates me... I was actually thinking of buying this anyway).

Anyway, coming soon to Crumb by Crumb: a post about the play I'm in (maybe), posts about my Devil Wears Prada and Illusionist DVDs (I promised I'd shill), and the beginning of the Altmanathon. Stay tuned!


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