Sunday, April 01, 2007

WHEN CRAZY DREAMS STRIKE: I am a ghost who can fly.

Another crazy dream to report. All I did was take a little 20-minute catnap, but that was plenty of time to get some action. My subconscious never lets me down.

This time, a hurricane/cyclone struck my gradparents' house (it didn't really look like my grandparents' house, but whatever, that's what it was in the dream), where I was doing work at the second-story window. It caused a bunch of my stuff to fly out the window onto the ground, so I went to go pick it up.

Then, when I was outside, some big ugly cat chained to the house next door looked like he was gonna attack me, so in a sudden rush of "fight-or-flight" hysteria, I learned that I could float off the ground, and then fly. It felt distinctly like I was being lifted in a harness or something, like in a movie shoot with special flying effects. That was the sensation I got. Anyway, soon I was flying through my house, going up through ceilings and stuff, freaked out as all hell. I just wanted to stop and be normal, but I couldn't.

Then I found my sister sitting at her desk, and she looked like a ghost/creepy dead person with no face (even though I was supposed to be the ghost). Somehow I sort of entered her body, as ghosts tend to do (at least in the movie Ghost), and I heard her say something sexual, like "I've never come right after before" (somehow I knew that was meant sexually). And since my sister is a 14-year-old baby, this was the scariest part of the dream. So scary, in fact, that I woke up. Phew.

I don't really know how I came up with this dream. It doesn't relate obviously to things happening in my life, like the last one. But I did hear my sister say the word "penis" for the first time the other day (totally unnecessarily, too... I think she was just trying to sound grown up), so that might account for the random sexual insert. And I suppose I was looking at a new special edition of the movie Ghost on amazon recently. And the cat looked a little bit like my roommate's cat, Myles, whom I hate (they're both black cats, but the one in the dream was big and freakish-looking). And I guess I'm sort of perpetually scared of hurricanes (as a Miami dweller) and fascinated by cyclones (as a fan of The Wizard of Oz).

Anyway... like, whoa. Again.



Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

You're weird.

2:08 AM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Shut up, ScarJo-nun boy.

3:08 AM  

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