Thursday, April 05, 2007

WHEN CRAZY DREAMS STRIKE: Little Miss Sunshine has a new ending.

OK, I actually just remembered another dream I had that would be perfect for this series (last night was very active in dreamland).

You know how many film fans have complained that there's something not quite right about Little Miss Sunshine's ending? That it's a little too dumb and inconsequential, and something else should happen instead? Well, my dream fooled me into thinking something did. In it, I re-enacted Little Miss Sunshine (as Dwayne... sort of) in a version where, after the infamous dance sequence, the family continues to drive, and after some time Dwayne and Frank get involved a little bit (oh come on, you know it was coming, after the little talk on the pier... and they're not related by blood, you know). And since I was sort of Dwayne, this part was VERY fun for me, since Steve Carrell is HOT (this dream is undoubtedly Glenn's fault).

Anyway, eventually the Dwayne/Frank romance petered out (DAMN!), at which point, Dwayne got involved with some girl, and ended up sort of eloping with her in some big exotic city somewhere, but then breaking up with her via some kind of massive mortal-combat-like fight (crazy). And then later (at least I think it was later), the girl and her parents discovered Dwayne still using the hotel room they had paid for. Expecting to be thrown out and threatened with violence, Dwayne was pleasantly surprised when they gave him adequate time to gather his things and claimed they were all "moving on" in a healthy way. There's a real ending for you.

Seriously, though, there was a part where Frank (hotter than in the real movie) and Dwayne (me) were sort of making out in the back of the yellow van, and it was AMAZING. So good.



Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

I also had that Little Miss Sunshine alternate ending dream. Crazy. Frank was in jail. That was sad. And Abi wasn't there.

8:04 AM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Actually I think the point of my dream is that the dream WAS the real ending, and I had just missed it or something when I'd seen the film. So I was like "Oh, OK now I get why everyone hates the ending/the movie, cause this ending makes no sense and doesn't connect at all" (the one about Duane and the girl breaking up). That's not how I made it sound in the post, but that's how it felt in the dream.

But whatever, I got to make out with Steve Carrell in my dream, which made it amazing.

6:19 PM  

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