Thursday, April 05, 2007

WHEN CRAZY DREAMS STRIKE: ...oh, nevermind.

I was gonna post another entry in my insane "When Crazy Dreams Strike" series, but I think last night's series of dreams verges on the "too deeply horrifying and personal even to write about on a blog" level of insanity.

To give you a quick sample, my dreams involved my dog getting decapitated (but continuing to live for a few minutes anyway, inspiring a kind of Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebration involving the ghosts of my dead ancestors), my mother thinking I'm a terrible person because of something I said at a gathering of her friends, my sister not showing up at her dance school graduation, and some woman teaching me a way to treat hair loss involving hand cream and a blender. Don't ask.

But you know, if there's one thing all these recent dreams have taught me, it's that I really need to be a writer. There's a lot of shit in my head that just needs to get out. Seriously.



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