Thursday, June 21, 2007

open letter to Lindsay Lohan

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

THANK YOU for taking rehab seriously this time. I really hope it's true. Because I, and many others, still love you deep down, despite my/our extreme disappointment with your recent behavior. I/we still believe that you're good at heart, that the charming, spunky, adorable little girl we were first introduced to 9 years ago is still in there somewhere, far beneath the spoiled, trashy, cocaine-addled exterior.

I, for one, think your decision to cancel your massive 21st birthday bash in Vegas was a wise one. Don't tempt fate, Lindsay. You KNOW what happens when you party too much. It's not good. That's not what you should be doing/looking like on your birthday. It should be a new beginning! Think of it as the start of your new life and career as a successful, respected, responsible adult actress. It's still possible. Really. You don't have to go out this way. Don't throw away your amazing gift.

Please, just spend the day recovering in rehab, with good friends and family and a little cake with 21 candles. NO ALCOHOL. NO DRUGS. PROMISE ME THIS. If you must celebrate some new freedom you have as a 21-year-old, go drive a rental car or something (...actually, you might need to be like 24 to do that. But I'll get back to you with something clean and healthy you can do, I promise... though if you DO go out and drive a rental car, please make sure you're sober while doing it).

Okay. I think that's enough preaching. Peace be with you, Lindsay. All we want is for you to get better.

Love and kisses,

~Adam, a true fan

P.S. you were totally robbed of golden globe nominations for both Freaky Friday and Mean Girls (and maybe even The Parent Trap, too, but that was a strong year)

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