Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Speaking of the sidebar, I've also removed the screening log feature. It was just taking up too much time, and felt rather pointless, truth be told. And now that I'm in film school, I'm watching like 5 movies a week, most of which are pretty esoteric, and I just don't wanna log all those into my sidebar like that. No time. And I'm pretty sure no one looked at it anyway. So, yeah. I'll still put down new stuff into my different categories of quality (my equivalent of grades), but I won't do an actual screening log.

And, as part of the WHO'S CUTER? tournament, I will soon be adding snippets from the Project Runway soundtrack to the "box" widget... so you can listen to them as you read the WHO'S CUTER? posts. They make the whole thing much more sexy and intense, like high fashion. Yay for atmosphere! So be sure to check the box when you're reading those posts.

UPDATE: Okay, so the uploading of Project Runway tranks doesn't seem to be working. Don't know why. Goddamn box widget. It never works the way I want it to. But I highly recommend you all buy the Project Runway music and play it while reading my blog. It makes everything sexier.


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