Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Are you the one they call Beowulf...?"

(slinks around seductively)

Angelina Jolie is a sex goddess.

And this movie was a lot of fun. I say "movie" because it was definitely that, and not a "film." But it was good anyway. I agree with Nathaniel, see it in 3D. It's probably not nearly as fun without Angelina's boobs all up in your face. Not to mention Beowulf's non-penis.

I think that while the juggling of adventure/spectacle and farce was kind of awkward at times, the decision to go comedic with this thing was generally a wise one. Cause isn't there something inherently comedic about cartoon versions of actors we know? You can't make one of these "motion capture" things and actually expect me to take it seriously. So I'm glad Zemeckis didn't. And anyone who thought he DID should really watch it again. He's totally having fun with this. But I think he managed to get some serious stuff in underneath. Anyway, the high-flung spectacle of it all is the real draw of this piece, so again, see it in 3D. It's really fun, and quite unlike anything you've ever seen before (I would think).

I expect oscar nominations in most, if not all, of the sound/music categories. There's even an original song, and it's pretty good, though I worry for its chances when it's competing against all the Once songs, all the Enchanted songs, the two Hairspray songs, the Into the Wild Eddie Vedder songs, and even all Shakira's songs for Love in the Time of Cholera. That category's stacked this year... they'd better come up with a lineup that's good.

Does anyone know if Beowulf qualifies for a visual effects nom? Cause I think it'd get one, if indeed it is eligible. But since it's an animation technique being used, and not visual effects per se, I really don't know. Then of course, there's the issue of its eligibility as an animated film. But let's not even go there. In any case, I think a few aural noms are happening.



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