Thursday, December 13, 2007

globe noms tomorrow!

I made a few changes to my predictions... I swapped American Gangster out again for Into the Wild and There Will Be Blood, among other things. But I'm keeping my most ballsy picks: Judd for best actress, Pitt for best actor, Baron Cohen in supporting. I'm also sticking with Once for the best pic nod, come hell or high water. Come on, HFPA. Vindicate my faith.


Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

Clearly I am superior in retrospect. Yes? No?

8:37 PM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Are we talking raw numbers here? Or about the fact that you agreed with the HFPA that Once was shite? Cause on the latter, GRRRRRRRRRR you can all suck it.

: P

But on the former, I dunno, I have to do the rundown... I've been busy today...

1:36 AM  
Blogger Rural Juror said...

aww...fuck em. Let them have Across the Crapiverse

2:20 AM  
Blogger J.D. said...

Huzzah for Across the Crapiverse!

1:21 AM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Well, I haven't seen it so I can't judge (though I almost went to see it several times).

But I SERIOUSLY doubt it's better than Once. Or even The Savages. Enchanted and Knocked Up I can take or leave.

4:48 AM  

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