Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG Awards Live-Blogging attempt by moi

I don't usually try to do this, but tonight I'm gonna. Here we go!

7:53 OMG! Titanic just happens to be on before the SAGs. It's ending... old Rose is throwing the diamond away! Aaaawwww... I haven't watched this movie (yes I said MOVIE) in a long time, even though I recently bought the new fabulous 3 or 4 disc special edition. Yes, I am a Titanic fan. It's not perfect, but it gets me like no other. Sue me. Aww, credits. I kinda wish I'd checked into TNT earlier... watching movies on TV is kinda fun in a masochistic way.

7:59 Someone is talking to someone on the red carpet over the Titanic credits. Whatever. Get to it, already. oooooh the credits are rolling at super speed. So THAT's how they make sure the film is the right length for that 4 hour bloc...

8:00 Some stupid man is talking over shots of people. She's Eva Longoria PARKER now? I didn't know that. I guess that's cause I don't care about her. Aww, Brangelina... sad they weren't nominated at the oscars. Yay for Ryan Gosling. Mmmm... Diane Lane and Josh Brolin. Look, Cate is wearing something fun.

8:02 Sally Field's voice is so shrill... good thing she's so likeable otherwise. I don't know who Doug Sevante is. !!! ELLEN BURSTYN !!! I wanna read her book. Are they really reading their own life stories off of cue cards? That's kind of lame. Why did I never make that connection before? Haha I like RR's little story. Cute. Haha, Elaine Jane Krakowski is funny too. Kyle M is looking a little past his prime tonight. Oh well.

8:05 Yay, Tina Fey and Steve Carrell! What a pair. They'd better be funny. Haha. OK they were pretty good. I wonder who will win this. I kinda wish I watched more TV. But of course now the one show I'm obsessed with is never nominated for things. One more year, one more year... get it right, Emmys, GGs and SAG. ooh, I like Hugh Laurie. I hope he wins. How is he not really American? That blows my mind. Oh, please not James Spader again. I like him, but come on. The winner is... OK James Gandolfini is pretty respectable. Can't really go wrong there. Let's see what he has to say... (this was best actor in a drama series BTW) James is so classy. I'm actually finding him really attractive right now, which is weird. Speech is short and sweet. Nice.

8:08 Nikki Blonsky, yay! John Travolta, boooo. The cast of Hairspray, yay!!! I'd kinda like them to win. Apparently come people think they're going to. But I'm not holding my breath. OK that montage was lame. Kinda over before it began. But at least maybe now the show will be short.

8:10 OMG Debra Messing's getup is amazing. The hair is maybe too much, but I can't look away. I can't decide whether it's a trainwreck or genius. But it makes me not even care what award she's presenting. Best actress in a drama series. Classy field. It'll probably be Falco. And that'd be fine by me. Not that I watch that show, or any of the others. Wow, so many great actresses. So many accents. Yup, Falco. Easy to see coming, after James. But good for her, she rocks. Sad that this'll be her last one. Not supposed to happen? Please. Come on, Edie. I didn't believe that at all. You're a better actress than that. But how great and natural she looks tonight. I love her.

8:13 Commercial. Good, I get a break.

8:18 Those commercials took forever. This history of SAG is cool, though. I never knew this stuff. I wish I had a SAG card. Damn. Someday...

8:20 Ensemble in a drama series. Well duh, this is gonna be Sopranos. You know they all would kill to be on that show. Grey's is nominated. I don't get that show. It's not that good. My mom and sister watch it all the time. The gay one is cute, though. I'd do him. T. R. Knight, that's it. rawr... but Sopranos will win. Yup. Alright, I'm bored. Maybe if I watched the show, I wouldn't be. But I don't.

8:25 Emile Hirsch and Hal Holbrook. I wonder if they're pissed that their film got snubbed. Wow, Emile Hirsch is short. And not as cute tonight as he sometimes is. Also not as charming. I totally see how he'd be a director surrogate in a Penn film, though. He is Pennesque in a way.

8:27 Marion Cotillard! She's like a pixie. What is she presenting? Supporting actor. Will it be Bardem? Afflck looks GOOOOOD. In the film, and in that tux. Dammit, I wish I didn't think so. I always used to find him smarmy. Maybe Holbrook will win. Wow, what a brief clip. Leave you wanting more... yay, Tommy Lee Jones. I really liked him in that film. And yay for the Wilkinson. Love him always. And the actor goes to... JAVIER BARDEM. Woop. And good on Marion for pronouncing his name correctly. Gotta love those Europeans. MAN, Javier is sexy. Look at that man. I want him so hard. Look how good his hair can look when he tries. Javier is such a sexy name. I want a boyfriend named Javier. Maybe I should buy Before Night Falls. God, he's sexy. Yum. Hahaha, he thanks the Coens for choosing the good takes. Amen to that. God, he's amazing.

8:36 It's baaaack. Ooh, I love Chandra Wilson. She's the only thing I really like about that show. Best actress in a comedy series. C Applegate is crying. She's pretty funny. Wow, they really do make America Ferrera look ugly. And that's hard to do. Tina Fey... that makes two nominees crying in their clips. And Mary-Louise Parker being deadpan. What a shock. And then there's Vanessa. And the actor goes to... Tina Fey! Cool! Could she win the Emmy? I never really thought of her as an actor. Oh, and apparently she doesn't either. But I love this anyway. And good on her shout-out to the writer's guild. Since you know, she's part of it.

8:39 JAMES MARSDEN! He's such a cutie. He cleans up nice. Hahahaha all these nominees are great. I think Jeremy Piven is sexy. Really sexy. Oh god, Tony Shaloub is so over, though. Please, no. Alec Baldwin. Nice. I love new blood. He's not there? Fuck that shit. Oh well.

8:42 Ruby Dee! Yay, I love her. It'd be cool if she won. Not for ensemble, though. She looks pretty good for 80 or whatever she is. People of color age so well... Russell Crowe looks kind of schlubby in AG. Glad he never got any traction, in either category. Who are these people presenting best cast in a comedy series? I don't even know who they are. Lame. I suppose 30 Rock will probably win this. I don't like Desperate Housewives. I watched one episode and totally didn't care. Mmmm, Adrien Grenier is sexy, too. I should watch Entourage. Wow, a threesome with him and Piven would really be fun. Sorry, how vulgar. Why am I so sex-obsessed tonight? Too many hotties. And the winner is... The Office. Interesting. But again, I don't really watch TV, so I don't care. Wow, they look surprised that they beat 30 Rock. I don't blame them. That was a nice speech. Kinda boring, though. I think they were all in shock.

8:48 Commercial break. Good.

8:54 Back. Someone is talking, and I don't care. OK, that was boring. Here comes the tribute to Charles Durning. I really really liked him in Tootsie. Too bad I haven't seen him in anything else. Hee, "Gayety Burlesque." Oh wow, he was almost killed at war. And then he became an actor. Sweeeeeet. Whoa, he gained a lot of weight in a rather short time. He was in The Sting? Mmmm, Paul Newman. Wow, Al Pacino was sexy when he was young. Clearly, I like latins/italians. YES, the Tootsie bit. Yay. Ew, Tom Hanks. Why does he have to be here? Oh wait, he's not, that was prerecorded. Now somebody else is gonna talk? Burt Reynolds looks like he's about to fall over. This is so awkward. Is this about his acting career or the war? Eh... I guess I should be more respectful. Aw, it's so cute that Forest Whitaker is helping him up. And now he's talking. I think I'm gonna use this time to take a break. Sorry.

9:10 OK, back. People are still applauding. This is cute, though. I think I just saw the kid from The Kite Runner in the audience. Aaaaaaaand now there's another commercial. Awesome.

9:16 Holly Hunter and James Spader are presenting best actor in a TV movie or miniseries. Holly Hunter looks a LOT like Evan Rachel Wood tonight. I'm having flashbacks to Thirteen. Kevin Kline wins. Okay. NEXT.

9:18 Ben Foster presents 3:10 to Yuma. Sorry, Ben, the other Foster is still about 10,000 times cooler than you (I'm talking about Jodie in case it isn't obvious). I'd like to see 3:10 to Yuma. I meant to, but I never did. Damn.

9:20 Mickey Rooney is here! Fun. And finally, after lots of talking, he's presenting best actress in a TV movie or miniseries. Here's Debra Messing again. That dress! That hair! Anna Paquin always looks so confused and scared all the time. Queen Latifah wins! Huh. She's not there. Hee... "Miss Latifah." That's funny.

9:25 Josh Brolin is sexy. I'm glad he got a lot more famous this year. Is he more famous than his wife now? I guess they're on a pretty even keel. Oh no, the "in memorium" thing. I can't watch... this is gonna be so sad. I think they're doing a special thing for Ledger. My dad is here being exasperated at how all these people died. Does anyone realize this music is the music from the Brokeback trailer? Sigh. So sad. And here's Heath Ledger. Are they doing another thing after the commercial? I thought they were gonna do a special thing. If it really was an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, that'd be REALLY sad. Such a waste. So pointless. But sometimes, that's just how these things go.

9:36 Another educational thing. Ooh, Debra Messing's hair again. Yowza. Oh boy, Viggo needs to lose the beard. Best supporting actress. I predicted Ruby Dee would win this. We'll see. She looked really good in that clip. Catherine Keener looks really good, too. Amy Ryan had quite an accent there. Ooooh, Tilda. LOVE. Here it is... RUBY DEE!!!!!! How much do I rock. OK, my dad just asked if it's "black night" or something, since Ruby Dee and Queen Latifah both won. My republican-leaning father, everyone. Christ. Look at her glasses! How cute. I'm still really excited that I got this right. I'm kind of awesome. She's very classy. I'm glad she won. And I'm glad she's the only one riding AG's box office to awards. Apparently dad was bored of listening to Ruby Dee speak, cause he walked away. Wow, I really don't like him sometimes. So this is a wide open race in supporting actress, huh? VERY hard to know who'll take this... maybe Tilda? That'd be sweet.

9:43 No Country for Old Men is being presented. Yay. Commercial. I'm gonna take a break to be pissed at my racist father.

9:49 Best lead actor. Matthew McCaughnahay has a bad haircut. So he's costarring with Kate Hudson again? I'm shocked. Now dad is commenting on all the clips as if he knows what he's talking about. Wow, I'm getting really sick of him. Aw, Emile Hirsch is cute again. And Viggo is a badass. Awesome. And for the win... I'm so on edge (snark)... Daniel Day-Lewis. I started typing that before they even said it, to save myself time. Oooh, I think he's gonna say something about Heath Ledger. Hmm, maybe not. Except yeah, there it was. I knew it. Good for Daniel. Classy. I feel like he really wanted to get to know Heath Ledger, and is sad he couldn't. Sad. I knew he'd dedicate it to Heath. What a wonderful man.

9:54 Forest Whitaker presents best lead actress. I think it'll be Christie... we've already had our upset. Wow, Cate Blanchett certainly is intense. Julie Christie died her hair. I don't know if I like it. There's Marion, being all pixieish again. And there's Angie. Poor, snubbed Angie. And Ellen Page. Selling that overwritten dialogue like a pro. And the actor goes to... Julie Christie. I sure am doing well tonight. Yaaaaaaaaaaay... time to hear her speak. She sure it taking her sweet time getting up there. Awww. She's adorable. Shout out to the unions! Yay. She's so eccentric. Awwww, she's givin' it up for Sarah. Good for her. She's so funny.

10:00 Ew, why does Tom Cruise have to tarnish the night? OK, ensemble... please, let it be No Country so I'm 5 for 5... YES! I rule. And No Country is getting the oscar. Go me. Go it. Go everyone. Except Tom Cruise, cause he sucks. Haha. Josh Brolin... "sad... sad for the rest of us." That's rich. I'm glad he gets to talk, at least. He's so hot, in that manly way. And he's saying smart things. Thank the Coens, thank the Coens! Haha... he's "taking his time"... this is so funny. Haha, look at Woody in the background. He's so insane. That was a funny speech.

And look at that, the show almost clocked in under two hours. I'm sad they didn't do more for Heath Ledger, but DDL rectified that. And I scored 5 for 5! I'm so happy.

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Blogger Yaseen Ali said...

Congrats on being perfect tonight; I didn't do any formal predictions, but I probably would have gone 4/5 (missing Dee, of course.)

I wasn't able to watch the majority of the ceremony (I had to drop off my parents at the airport), but was thankfully able to watch all the winners give their speeches except for Dee (which I would have very much liked to, although I read the text on her speech on the SAG website.)

Daniel Day-Lewis's speech made me tear up.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Yaseen Ali said...

/ *of* her speech, that is.

10:23 PM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Hey, Ali! It's been a while, glad you're back.

Sorry you missed most of the show... I hope my liveblogging helped make up for some of that. That was the idea ; )

DDL's speech was very classy indeed. He's a great guy.

You can probably find Dee's speech on YouTube eventually. It was good.

And I accept your congrats with thanks : ) I feel so special...

10:45 PM  
Anonymous bertrand said...

Michelle Pfeiffer was so f**** hot as a brunette ! And which other 50-year old woman can work such a tight dress ? She's awesome

11:19 PM  
Anonymous bertrand said...

And let me just add that Jolie really has the most beautiful face. You can't stop looking at her

11:21 PM  
Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

I read this! I just didn't watch the show so I couldn't nod my head in agreement - YES! Cate Blanchett did look intense.

Although she is wont to do that.

9:30 AM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Haha, I just meant she looked intense in the Golden Age clip. I didn't think she looked intense at the ceremony, per se. But she did look sad when DDL talked about Heath Ledger.

9:36 AM  
Blogger adam k. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh, I saw that on the news. Her lip was quivering, which was sad.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous weezer said...

Your dad seems like an interesting person, adam k.
I understand now why you're such a complex person.
Are you single ?

6:25 AM  

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