Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG predictions + actuals

My prediction and the winner: No Country for Old Men

Pretty obvious, I think.

My prediction and the winner: Julie Christie

BUT I think it's very VERY possible that Page could upset her here. Box office is a big factor at the SAG awards. But already-cemented frontrunner status, and non-SAG-winning legend status, are big factors too. So Christie it is.

My prediction and the winner: Daniel Day-Lewis

No contest, with Depp gone.

My prediction and the winner: Ruby Dee

I'm actually gonna go out on a bit of a limb with this one and predict a win for Ruby Dee. She's in the biggest hit (by far) and is a sentimental favorite. And Blanchett's film is a bit too esoteric for the wider SAG membership, I think, so I say she splits the dissenting vote with Amy Ryan. And of course, American Gangster got an ensemble nod, too, and STILL Dee managed an individual nod for her teeny tiny performance.

My prediction and the winner: Javier Bardem

Before the ceremony, I said: This is another one I'm a little worried about. I just feel like the Tommy Lee Jones inclusion could split the No Country votes and hand the win to Hal Holbrook or someone else. But since Holbrook's film was slighted by the academy, maybe his support is not really that big? BUT since that slight happened AFTER people were turning in their ballots, maybe they voted for him anyway? BUT I suspect I'm overthinking this to the extreme. So Bardem it is.

After the ceremony, I say: I got 5/5, so I am amazing. That's really all I have to say. For more of my thoughts, see my liveblogging above. And leave comments!



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