Saturday, February 02, 2008

last year's April Fools oscar predictions

So, I only guessed 1 of 5 in most major categories. In picture & director, that one was There Will Be Blood (I knew it would be Anderson's time), and in actor, it was Daniel Day-Lewis, in said film. In original screenplay, it was The Savages (I didn't see Clayton coming, and didn't expect Ratatouille to be as hugely acclaimed as it was... though in retrospect that seems like a "duh"). In supporting actress, the one was Cate Blanchett (very strong bait that could be smelled a whole year away).

Interestingly, the no-brainer double nod for Blanchett came true after all, after many months of looking locked, followed by a few months looking unlikely, and then this latest month being an annoying, foreboding spectre (WHY???).

I got two actress noms correct (Blanchett and Cotillard... it would've been three if Jolie hadn't JUST missed). I also got two adapted screenplay nominees (Blood and Atonement). But I didn't get ANY of the supporting actor contenders, which is a bit of a disappointment for me.

I wish I hadn't so vastly overestimated Golden Age, I'm Not There and Youth Without Youth (was that even released??). I was also blind to the inevitabilty of Atonement in the big category (sigh).

I don't think I'll be doing these next year. They only make me feel inadequate. It's crazy that Nathaniel can guess two or three nominees in each category... I don't know how he does it.



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