Thursday, February 15, 2007

good news & bad news

The good news:

I just saw The Painted Veil at the Avon. It was very, very good in a way you don't see much these days. A little stuffy and too obviously novelistic in its origins, but the visuals were breathtaking and the music was simply gorgous. When a film is that pretty, I don't even care if the story is good (and this one was). Plus Naomi Watts is radiant and nuanced in arguably her best role since Mulholland Dr. Edward Norton is also very good. As is Liev Schriber in his tiny role. All around, this film is a class act. Grade: B+

PLUS I got an added bonus right before the film: the Little Children trailer! Little Children is coming soon to the Avon. I could not be happier about this.

The bad news:

I missed Inland Empire at the Cable Car. Damn. It was actually there for two weeks. But you try finding a whole free evening (friggin 3 hour running time) in the weeks just before and during when your show goes up. It's HARD.

I love the Cable Car, too. I could've actually sat through the whole film on those comfy couches.

The good news:

Brown's Rocky Horror auditions are today and tomorrow. I'm so excited.

The bad news:

I'm SICK. This is very, VERY bad. If I cannot sing by tomorrow evening, there will be hell to pay.

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