Monday, February 12, 2007

The Departed vs. Little Miss Sunshine

This seems to be what Best Picture is coming down to (though Babel, Letters or even The Queen still wouldn't surprise me much at all).

Departed and Sunshine have shared all the guild love (DGA & WGA for the former, PGA, WGA & SAG for the latter). Everyone likes The Departed, and it's got quite the lock-down on the writing and directing oscars, which says a lot.

But a lot of people LOVE Little Miss Sunshine, and it's now looking likely to edge out The Queen in its own screenplay race, despite the latter's early season dominance of the category (it won LAFCA, NYFCC, NSFC, and the globe... and not just as best original but as THE BEST screenplay of the year).

Really tough call. Right now I'd say The Departed has the edge, only because it has a presence across the board (directing, writing, acting, editing) and is basically a lock to win in writing and directing. But LMS just keeps winning things... I'm feeling a groundswell of love...

We'll see.

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