Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Golden Globe drama and comedy/musical placements have been clarified.

You can find the full list at Gold Derby.

Some of the decisions are unfortunate, IMO. Here are some notables:

Marion Cotillard: COMEDY/MUSICAL
Charlie Wilson's War: COMEDY/MUSICAL
I'm Not There: DRAMA
The Kite Runner: FOREIGN
Persepolis: FOREIGN (not animated)

So, now comedy/musical actress is officially 10 times more competitive than the drama race. Normally, I'd say Adams, Blonsky, Bonham-Carter, Cotillard, Kidman, Linney, and Page would all be shoo-ins. Except there are 7 of them. And that's not even including Heigl and Russell, who it's hard to see placing over the other 7 (though it could happen). So now, the only shoo-ins (I think) are Adams and Cotillard. You don't get the kind of reviews they got (plus, in Adams' case, great box office, and in Cotillard's case, extreme baitiness) and miss even getting a globe nod. That just doesn't happen. But any of the others could fall short. We'll just have to see. As I said before, I don't see both Kidman and Linney placing... they're just too similar. So I fear one of them could get the cold shoulder (after all, BOTH of them did at the Spirits). My gut feeling now on this matter:

1) Marion Cotillard
2) Amy Adams
3) Ellen Page
4) Helena Bonham-Carter
(might be supporting)
5) Laura Linney
6) Nicole Kidman
7) Nikki Blonsky
8) Keri Russell
9) Katherine Heigl

And of course, Tom Hanks will probably jip someone more deserving out of a globe nod in the male category. My thoughts on that one:

1) Johnny Depp (Sweeney)
2) Ryan Gosling
3) Tom Hanks
4) Philip Seymour Hoffman
5) Johnny Depp
6) John Travolta (might be supporting)
7) Don Cheadle
8) Seth Rogen
9) Glen Hansard

And on Best Pic (comedy/musical):

1) Hairspray
2) Sweeney Todd
3) Enchanted
4) Knocked Up
5) Once

6) Juno
7) The Savages
8) Waitress
9) Lars and the Real Girl

The Cotillard decision really sucks. I am of the opinion that stars who don't sing or do comedy in their movies should not be placed in a category rewarding musicals and comedy (especially when they're as hard-core dramatic as Cotillard is in this film... but the principle also includes, for example, Jamie Foxx in Ray and others who have done this in the past. And this year, with such an imbalance already between the drama and comedy/musical fields... it's just not right. But it's good news for Jodie Foster, Cate Blanchett and others who are still "maybe"s over in the drama race, as well as potential "out of left field" choices, like Ashley Judd in Bug.

On a more positive note, I'm happy I'm Not There is going drama (unlike some other musical biopics), cause I think it has a better chance of getting nominated there than in comedy/musical, where best picture in particular is more contingent on box office and mainstream appeal.

Anyway... lots more to say, but I'm busy. Discuss amongst yourselves.



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