Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yikes, so many awards! I'll update soon

I promise I will update soon with my globe rundown, BFCA rundown, how I did on my predictions, my thoughts on certain films and their awards chances, etc. Plus another round of WHO'S HOTTER. I've just recently been busy with a new job (um, sort of) and some... er... personal drama (a good thing) along with just having a lot of real-world fun. Yay, winter break!

A brief note for right now: I'm SO excited about Sweeney Todd being really good and maybe winning oscars. It seems Burton has really delivered here, despite lots of people's reservations (including mine). The stars seem to have aligned on this one. So yay. Methinks it's just a SAG ensemble nod away from the oscar shortlist (assuming it makes decent money). Mmmm... great musicals.


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