Friday, August 29, 2008

The best.

If this man loses the election, I will be ashamed.


Monday, August 25, 2008

another Matt Mitcham post (because he deserves it)

I smell an obsession coming on... (btw, here's a fun article)

Cute anecdote: When he saw the diving final online, my dad said Matthew looked like me. While flattered, I had to honestly say I disagreed. Matt is much shorter than me and much more... "cherubic" was the word I used. Isn't he?? He's like a little gay angel. And SO gorgeous. His face right before he steps up for his final dive is... just... (melts). I doubt it was intentional, but he totally did his best Instinct cover gay icon "this is my shot and I'm ready for it" face. And then he did that thing where he sorta pats down his chest in preparation (which, by the way, is AMAZING). And he delivered the highest scoring dive in Olympic history (also AMAZING).

Just for the record, I love the gay-porn-ish aspect of men's diving... and Matt's simply the best.

(oh come on, don't feign disgust, you know what I mean)


Matthew Mitcham is a Golden God.

Still not over it... I'm kind of in love.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

And now, just because:

No, none of these guys are gold medalists. And probably none of them are gay either. AND to be honest, none are nearly as cute as Matt Mitcham. But whoever came up with the idea to shoot the whole American men's gymnastics team with nothing on their backs but medals is an effin' GENIUS. Redheads and Indians and Asians, oh my! And against a sexy red background, no less. Very nice.

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Awesome olympian of the day: Matthew Mitcham

Move over, Nastia, I have a new favorite person. That's Matthew Mitcham, the 20-year-old openly gay Australian diver who just won gold last night in a stunning upset over the heavily favored Chinese. I unfortunately missed his winning dive, apparently the highest scored in Olympic history, and for that I'm kicking myself. So I thought the least I could do now is give him a little shout-out on the blog.

In the semis two nights ago, Mitchem established himself as my favorite diver, mostly because he was the cutest one in the competition (I love Australians). He's also an exceptionally talented athlete. But I had no idea he was the only openly gay male athlete in the 2008 games. Major props for that. I mean, all the divers look gay, but you know... in athletics, that's not something you're open about. Unless you're Matt Mitcham, apparently.

There's actually a whole heartwarming story about how he nearly retired from the sport as a teenager due to problems reconciling his sexuality with his athletics, and then came back and trained hard to compete in Beijing. And then he won a GOLD medal (!!!) in the 10-meter final over the Chinese! And I missed it! WTF (luckily I caught it later online). But what's worse is that NBC never did any coverage of how he was gay, or what he went through in order to compete here. They just made some vague reference to "personal struggles." Lame. Big boooo to NBC. They cover European swimmers' love triangles, and volleyball players' struggles with early hair loss, but not this? Lame.

And when he won, it was SO emotional. Gotta love how the gays aren't afraid to cry. Lotsa waterworks. Big, shocking moment. Very touching.

Anyway, here's an interview with him afterward. Cute as a button:

Plus, he speaks French! How adorable:

UPDATE: Oh no! The video of him speaking French is gone! : ( But you can always watch the full 10-meter final on by clicking here.

To see all Mitchum's semifinal dives, without having to sit through others (since they're not as hot as he is), click here.

Click here (courtesy of commenter Alison) to see video of all Mitchum's final round dives, as well as the medal ceremony, where he prances around gleefully with the flag and even climbs up the wall into the stands to kiss his boyfriend and his mom. If you listen closely, you can make out what sounds like him saying, "Am I allowed to go and hug my mum?" And then he does! Spot-on adorable. There's also a story on what his victory means for gay athletes everywhere. Highly recommended.

For more info on LGBT olympians, click here.

And for more pics of Mitcham to ogle, just look below:

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Joe Biden

So, for the political junkies among us (few and far between in these parts), and also, more importantly, for the non-political-junkies who otherwise probably wouldn't read this stuff, I offer up a short post about Obama's new running mate, Joe Biden. I, for one, am pretty happy with him, and have become only moreso the more I read and see.

Biden's not perfect, but I think he was a good choice given the specifics of what's been going on in the race. He's a scrappy, Catholic, down-to-earth old white guy, and those are all good things (electorally speaking). More importantly, he has 35 years in the Senate (first elected at age 29!), and is currently chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, giving him an unarguable claim to experience and expertise in world affairs.

AND he's not afraid to get down and dirty. That last part is key, since down-and-dirty is not one of Obama's many strengths. Biden's ability to really rip into his opponents, and do it in a way that somehow comes off as sympathetic and sincere, is his greatest strength. Say what you will about the man, but he tells it like it is. And isn't afraid to say mean things in the process. In short, he excels at kicking ass and taking names:

Plus, he can be charming and fun. Really helps release the tension:

But my favorite clip of him, short and sweet, is this instant smackdown of Rudy Giuiliani. Ouch:

So yeah, he's kind of a badass. But that's not to say he lacks a sensitive side. This interview from earlier in the campaign sheds some light:

And this video kinda speaks for itself:

So anyway. Yeah. I'll take Biden, warts and all. I actually find him pretty refreshing. So I'm just doing my bit to spread the love.

Hope that was fun.


Friday, August 15, 2008

DAMN STRAIGHT, girlfriend can tumble.

I LOVE Nastia Liukin. I was totally rooting for her. SO happy. That vault score was bullshit. Most deserved gold medal ever. Also, hottest female gymnast ever. Seriously.

Love love LOVE.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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Thursday, August 07, 2008

If they IMed: Paris Hilton & John McCain

Click on the IM window to make it grow (it should get big enough to actually read).

I found this pretty hilarious.

Anyway, just so's u know, I may be posting a lot more on politics in the coming months; the political arena is where the bulk of my thought and browsing has been lately. But I realize this is not a political blog, and that's not what my readers wanna read. So I'll try to limit it (usually) to things that at least have some connection to filmdom, pop culture, or useless celebrities (this Paris Hilton tie-in was perfect).

Below are John McCain's inane "celebrity" ad featuring Paris, and Paris' "hot" rebuttal, featuring John McCain. True theater of the absurd.

As always, feel free to leave comments (OR just gawk at the huge gaping space beneath these words).


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