Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wow, the best actress race actually has contenders now

It's starting to look like the best actress category actually has more contenders than there are slots. Mee oh my. To break it down in globe terms, it seems that there are now 7 real hopefuls in drama:

Charlize Theron
Gwyneth Paltrow
Keira Knightley
Ziyi Zhang
Natasha Richardson
Q'Orianka Kilcher
and... (yes) Renee Zellweger.

(and possibly Huffman or Allen if they are for some reason placed here)

Granted, not all of these women have shots at oscar noms, and probably only two of those who do will make it, but it's nice that there's at least some competition now. I honestly don't know which two women they'd snub. I feel like Kilcher will either go over big, and possibly win this, or just be ignored. I really can't tell. I wanna say the two Zs will be snubbed, but that's totall just personal preference. My brain says it will probably be Richardson and Kilcher who are snubbed, but... I just don't know.

Over in comedy, we have another 7 hopefuls:

Joan Allen
Judi Dench
Meryl Streep
Reese Witherspoon
Felicity Huffman
Sarah Jessica Parker
and (it's possible...) Angelina Jolie.

Now, I don't really see them nominating Jolie for the Smith movie, but they've done weirder things before. I really want to say both she and SJP will be left out (the other 5 are much more "awardsy"), but they DO love SJP... she's won what, 4 globes for Sex and the City? That's a lot of statues. They clearly want her babies. But would they really bump Joan? Or Judi? Or Meryl? or Reese? No (unless someone is shuffled to drama). I suppose a Streep snub is possible, since her movie died quickly, but they've shown her love for similar films before, and she's SO deserving this year. Huffman may yet fail to ignite, but I'm feeling the firestorm starting... I think she'll see at least a globe nom, probably more.

So that's it for now... I think it's 7 women going for 5 spots in each category. We shall see who stands and who falls.

(my apologies to anyone reading this blog who doesn't care for this sort of thing... you know who you are.) ; )


Blogger damian b. said...

I get a feeling about Kilcher too. Something tells me she may go over big, but it just may be too late for her to get any traction, and I also like to see a more diverse collection of actresses, so it just may be wishful thinking on my part.

I read somewhere the Huffman was being pushed toward Drama, so that should be interesting. And I think Streep is a likely snub...and I suppose I think that Aniston has a chance at a Globe. It appears to be along the lines of well received romantic comedies that are made for the Globes.

Anyway, that was somewhat of a tangent. Also, do we think Claire Danes has any chance?

5:10 PM  
Blogger damian b. said...

I'm not stalking but I thought this article was worth checking out. It shows the breakdown of some movies for the globes. Putting P&P as comedy and In Her Shoes, Hustle & Flow, and Upside of Anger in drama. I think they're slowly killing Terrance Howard and Joan Allen's chances.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

Kilcher won't be nommed at the Globes. They don't like their exotic no names.

It extremely saddens me that P&P is deemed a comedy. Because, really. It's not.

Upside of Anger sort of is a drama, but Joan Allen's performance definitely is NOT. It's comedic.

But, i suppose, this may very well HELP Joan because they'll see her as one of the few viable Drama nominees and give her a spot. Hopefully. Plus, she could actually win in Drama because she won't have Witherspoon or Knightley (anymore).

Comedy Top 5 I think will look like this (now with Allen out)


aka, no Streep. But I don't know if TransAmerica is going comedy or drama. I suppose if they're feeling frisky they could even slot Rosario Dawson in! Who knows with the Globes...

1:21 AM  
Blogger adam k. said...

re: Claire Danes... No. No chance. Too much competition. Plus, Shopgirl is dead. I'd say Streep, Aniston and Jolie ALL have a better shot than Danes.

Glenn is right, though; if history is any indication, Kilcher will be ignored at the globes but could easily gain traction via the BFCAs and/or SAGs.

And it does suck for P&P that it's apparently comedy, but I don't think it's an unfair categorization. With "dramedies" (which so many films are), I think it's all kind of arbitrary anyway.

But as for Joan Allen, I don't think they're killing her chances at all (right again, Glenn)... I think they're trying to spare her from competing with Reese (she is winning that globe now, period). Joan may very well win in drama, I think... unless, say, Huffman becomes the new "ohmygod give her the oscar, look at how ugly and mannish she looks, and what great acting too" girl. But really, I'm surprised they put Joan where they did considering all the fuss over her being so great in a comedy.

Anyway, I'll probably post an update globe thing later (I love the globes).

Oh one last thing... maybe Aniston, Pitt and Jolie WILL all be nominated now? That kind of publicity stunt is just ridiculous enough for them to pull, I think.

2:02 AM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Oh and Damian, don't worry, I don't mind online stalking ; )

2:20 AM  
Blogger Kamikaze Camel said...

I think Danes is still in the hunt. It's just that it's an uphill battle. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see her pop up as one of those oddball surprises that the Academy throws at us.

I think she has as much chance at the globes as Streep does.

But, yes, I think this may actually help Joan in the long run. Weird.


8:49 AM  

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