Thursday, May 25, 2006

Behold: The X-Ladies

Alright. I was just teasing Nathaniel on his blog with some of these possibilities for a "should-have-been" X-Men cast, and I just had to elaborate more here, and use pictures. Just imagine an X-Men film made 10 years ago, starring these amazing women (who also happen to be PERFECT for the roles):

Jean Grey (PHOENIX)

Emma Frost (the WHITE QUEEN)

Ororo Munroe (STORM)

Those three are a given, but I'm a bit torn on...




I thought of Holly Hunter first, as she is southern and by far my preferred actress of the two, but then I thought how she's actually a bit old for Rogue (and would've been even 10 years ago, cause Rogue is meant to be quite young) plus she's maybe not "gentile southern belle" enough... so perhaps MLP would be a better fit? I dunno. You tell me.

But HOW AMAZING would this movie have been? It hurts my heart even to think of it. But it hurts so good, so good...



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