Friday, January 04, 2008

The Final Four: EWAN McGREGOR

Ewan. It's hard to think of another actor with whom I feel so totally on a first-name basis. Maybe it's the uniqueness of that first name. Maybe it's the uniqueness of the guy. In any case, there really is nobody quite like Ewan. He's got a voice like bell and a smile that'll melt your heart (not to mention that "huge talent"), all part of his charming and open screen persona. There are certainly rangier actors out there, but none more daring or fearless. Who else has so shamelessly and majestically flaunted his body in the service of art? Who else has ventured with such abandon into such diverse realms as glam rock, erotic body art and the Star Wars universe? No one. And to top it all off, he's Scottish!

My favorite phrase I've heard used to describe him is "magically delicious"... because it's just so true (and so naughty... just like Ewan). Is he delicious enough to win yet another round? It certainly was a surprise to see him beat Clive Owen... but maybe he'll surprise us again.

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