Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's back: WHO'S HOTTER quarterfinal results

Alright. Here's a recap, for those (including me) who lost track:

Ralph Fiennes edged Jude Law in a close race (4-3).

Ewan McGregor upset the formerly invincible Clive Owen (6-5).

Eric Bana wiped the floor with Jake Gyllenhaal (8-2), which I found to be a bit of a shocker...

...and finally James Dean handily defeated Daniel Craig (5-2).

I've decided that the two runaway winners (over Jake and Daniel, no less) have earned the right not to face each other in the semis. Ewan and Ralph, who just barely squeaked by (to my surprise, quite frankly) will each have to go up against a heavyweight. It's only fair. We'll see who the final two turn out to be.

And also, now that it's narrowed down to four, I'd like to aim not just for a winner, but for a ranked top four. So three of these men will be awarded GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE medals of hotness. As in the olympics, the two winners in the semis will duke it out for the gold, while the two losers will battle for the bronze. Sound fun? I think so.

Sorry it took so long to get to this. Holidays, traveling, job and personal life have eroded my time and energy, and since this project has been so big and the finale so long in coming, I didn't wanna do it till I felt ready. So here we go. Worshipful, photo-filled posts will follow for each member of the final four.


Blogger Rural Juror said...

go Eric!

4:25 PM  
Anonymous jessica said...

And here I felt sure Ewan would lose the last round...

6:27 PM  

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