Friday, January 04, 2008


Ralph Fiennes. (that's "rafe", not "ralf") The name, like the man, is graceful, exotic and mysterious. Probably the final four's least conventionally sexy man, Ralph is not your usual muscled pretty boy. Instead, he is thin, pale and intense, with an appeal that's not for everyone. But those who like him LOVE him. If you're into the seasoned, thespiannic, bewitching type, then Ralph Fiennes is your guy.

With his striking, impassioned, very British voice and eyes as deep as the ocean, Fiennes excels at playing doomed lovers and enigmatic villains, two very desirable archetypes. His classically handsome features and singularly scorching screen presence have earned him an ardent fanbase. Indeed, he's gotten this far in the tournament through his endlessly loyal and devoted niche of fans. Can they get him even farther? We'll see.

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Blogger John T said...

I will be voting for Ralph until the end!

11:15 PM  

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