Friday, January 04, 2008

Semifinals on the way...

...and Final Four posts below.

a Brit,
a Scot,
an Aussie,
an American.

Quite the diverse bunch (click the label links to revisit their previous contests, and see how the tourney's evolved over time).

What are your thoughts on the Final Four? Is it what you expected? Who do you think will go the distance? I know I was thrown for a loop when Clive, Daniel and Jake got shown the door. I was also a bit surprised that Ewan made it further than Jude... I always thought they'd be eliminated in the same round... or that one would eliminate the other. That would've been a fun contest.

Anyway, here's an interesting hotness formula (as per your votes):

Ralph > Jude > Chris Evans > Beatty = Jake G > Paul Newman



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