Friday, January 04, 2008

The Final Four: JAMES DEAN

James Dean. The name says it all.

It's no secret that Dean has been this tournament's preordained favorite (at least to me). I've been trying to campaign him on inevitability, in much the same way Hillary Clinton's people have for her. So I just hope Dean doesn't crash and burn in the final stretch as Hillary has. I guess it all depends on how you, the voters, really feel.

In any case, Dean's iconic status is assured. The ultimate bad boy, the original lost boy, the first teen idol... all these labels can be and have been applied. Are they all true? Does he live up to the hype? Mostly (IMHO). That incredible openness and honesty, that complete vulnerability, combined with his utter jadedness and easy cool, will make James Dean last forever. Unfortunately, unlike his rivals, he lacks the advantage of being contemporary, and also has no large body of work. But he does have the advantage of a legend built up over time. Will that be enough? Or will it only breed resentment in readers who have their own preferences? We'll see.

Apologies for all the worshipping (and the politics)... but this is my last chance to get my say. The results, as always, will be up to you.

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Blogger Colin said...

*snickers* I love how, at the point of this comment, Jimmy has no write-up among the four finalists.

Because there really are no words needed. ;)

10:11 PM  
Blogger adam k. said...

Haha. The write-up has just appeared. Sorry : (

Maybe I should've just left it blank...

10:16 PM  

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